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"Honestly, this is the best system I’ve seen for young kids and I’m surprised no one has made something like this sooner."
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Adventures of Ollie and Stella

"Canadian Outdoor Families Gear Round-Up"

by Lin on 10/15/18

"We’ve used both the rain and snow suit in the snow – the only difference being that the snow suit is warmer and requires less layers underneath. Otherwise, we’ve done plenty of winter adventures in both. They are extremely durable too. Never a whole, a rip, or anything with our suits."

Get Outside in the Rain with DucKsday Rainsuits (Review)

by Lin on 09/09/17

"WWhen it comes to children’s outdoor clothing and gear I honestly feel like I have two of the best gear testers. They really take  a product and run it through  every possible scenario.   Our outdoor gear for our kids will not last long unless it can handle the wear and tear of the rugged outdoors. The Ducksday rain suit,  created in Belgium, is built to last, 100% waterproof and  well designed."

"The suit can be folded into a pocket hidden inside the pant leg. I absolutely love this feature as I don’t have to find a bag to stuff it in since the ‘bag’ is literally attached to the suit! I was surprised with how small the suits compacted as well. They will definitely be  tagging along with us in our backpack ready to use while hiking in the unpredictable Rocky Mountain Weather."

(find the full review here:

All-Weather Rainsuit Review in "Outdoor Families" Magazine

by Lin on 04/19/17

Find out more about the versatility of Ducksday's All-Weather Rainsuit in "Outdoor Families".  Designed for families on the go and adaptable to changing weather, the Rainsuit is the perfect take-along!

Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies - Skisuit and Rainsuit Review

by Lin on 09/21/16

Our Winter with Ducksday - The BEST Children's Ski Suit on the Market  :)

read the whole article and see some FANTASTIC pictures here:

"What we LOVE about the Ducksday Ski Suit:

1. It's easy to put on. I watched a friend fight with her child for a good 20 minutes (or more) because the girl didn't want to put on her ski pants and jacket. And fair enough. Kids hate having to put on dozens of layers. The one-piece ski suit on the other hand is easy peasy to put on and it's so warm, my son could go outside in it with nothing else on other than a set of long underwear.

2. WARMTH. My son has been outside skiing and playing in temperatures down to -30 C this winter, and he's never cold. Everybody else is (me included) but not him.

3. The snow stays where it belongs - away from the child's skin.  I don't know about your children, but it's game over if my son gets snow down his back. Truly, end of a good adventure when this happens. Fortunately with a one-piece ski suit, snow stays on the ground. There's no jacket-pant gap. We really appreciate the lack of gap around the belly and back area when cross country skiing because my son falls a lot! We have much better success rates when he is in his Ducksday suit rather than in ski pants and a separate jacket.

Other Ducksday Products that we LOVE

We also love the Ducksday rain suit. My son wore the same funky red colour rain suit for two years before moving into a ski suit. And we actually wore the rain suit all winter long last year. It was a warm winter and we didn't feel the need to wear ski pants most of the winter.

The rain suit keeps kids dry and warm. It's also loose enough that you can layer underneath it with a light puffy jacket and use it for cross country skiing or winter hiking.

I would highly recommend either the rain suit or the ski suit for all children (or ideally, one of both.)"

Layering Kids for Cold Weather

by Lin on 11/15/13

Seriously, layering is the best way to go, both for warmth and for the ability to adjust warmth as the weather or the activity changes. Here's a great guide from Tales of a Mountain Mama !

"Nature for Kids.Net" - Video Review
Freedom of movement and all 
the smart details of DucKsday gear are highlighted in this great video from 
Nature for Kids!
 - Tales of a Mountain Mama
"the fleece suits were a perfect way to keep warm when it was cooler and then unzip and continue to run as it warmed up this morning! "
 - Tales of a Mountain Mama
 - Bring the
"I was impressed right away with the look and quality of their items, so much so that I added them to my latest and greatest list. "
 - Nature for
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